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[I’m in an airplane and a rage as well…to clear up the title…]

I’m amazed. I’m a total dick lately, but also, pretty amazed. It seems the universe rocks me some pretty amazing friends whilst dying of a broken heart (ok. now we’re being a little TOO dramatic.)


I had the pleasure of hanging out with two of the coolest monsters I’ve ever met (my niece and nephew) this weekend, and [OBVS] I had a wonderful wonderful time. And the dude, aside from chatting a few days and realizing that we have much more in common from casual conversation following pretty standard work requests [gag. kind of hate us both right now], I’m realizing that he’s kind of a gigantic douche too. Like, the reason that I never wanted to date a car guy. Friends – awesome, I’m in. Amazing sexy-time – palatable, and maybe he has made an appearance or two during me time….. Relaysh or any kind of real feelings – nah.

…and blog’o’rage happening in 3….2…..1…..

I fucking hate that we’re so obsessed with relationships. WHY is that like ALL we talk about? WHY is it all I talk about in this dumb blog? I fucking hate that we’re taught from childhood that we need to meet someone, settle down, have babies and THEN we’ll be happy. What fucking bullshit. I really blame that ridiculous thinking for all of my heartache (ever) and I really really would like to just boycott the entire idea of a relationship to last forever and all of that bullshit. Can’t it just be as simple as “we connected. we had an amazing time”? I mean, I get it. I know that being in a long-term relationship builds things in you that being single forever won’t — such as compromise and learning to stick with it, even if it’s fucking sucking….. I get that. But it just pisses me off SO much that I feel like my life’s not complete because I don’t have a partner. I’m smart, funny, have a rockin job and an amazing family…I have like the best roommate ever and my friends are fucking hilarious (and awesome). I have time to do what I like (art) and I can take care of my own shit. I don’t need someone to fucking hold me at night or tell me that I can’t go out or do what I want. Although, it would be nice to have someone who’s obligated to pick me up from the airport….. so why do I feel like I need all of this?


Sometimes you just wish someone could remove your love-organ. (I imagine it’s near and similar to your appendix).

I mean, I get it. It’s nice to have that person that you tell everything to. The one who’s your partner in crime…who gets you. It’s just awful that it’s all we really care about.

This has been a rage-post from your favorite douche, the Fabz. Stay wonderful, bloggstaches. You’re so wonderful that you don’t NEED bs romantic love. Unless you want it. Then you can have it.