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I’ve used the first part of this title before, but it’s never been as relevant. 

My heart hurts.  I’m broken-hearted.  I feel like my heart squished.  I’m going to vom my heart all over everyone because I’m sad.

This is not like me. I don’t sit around for days and sulk about people – especially people that I don’t know. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s about this person…it’s more the situation.  But first, some history:

It’s been a very long time since I’ve really connected with someone.  It’s been about a year. Normally, I’m a douche. I meet someone and while they’re a cool person, I can’t connect – i just don’t like them like that.   I’d started to wonder if I’d ever meet someone again that I was really into.

and then I met someone… Well, I met this person a few months ago, and we’d been exchanging witty texts the entire time.  So then, while he was in town this weekend, we had drinks and joked around and had…..a wonderful weekend.  Cuddling and hand holding and all of those lovely things that you do when you’re into someone. Like, watching cartoons for an entire night and laughing.

It felt so good.  Connecting with someone like that was…..so refreshing.  My heart woke up.

I’d told myself that this was just a weekend thing, I made myself remember that this was not something that we’d set up to be forever.  But, of course, I fell and now, all that I want, is to get a call or a text….I’m a typical broken-hearted lover.

[there are other details that make it impossible for me to end up with this person, but I’d rather leave them out.  Sorry, guys.]

So now I’m sad and don’t want to do anything except force my heart to go back where it came from.  The fucker.

I think that in times like these, it’s very important for me to step back and remember how lucky I am.  Here are the reasons:

*I have amazing friends, and a wonderful (hilarious and great) roommate.  I have a great job. My coworkers are hilarious.  I’m super hot (bam!).  I am lucky to have had an amazing weekend filled with a great connection and cuddles and kissing and such. I have a sweet kitteh.  My life is wonderful (sans broken heart).

le. sigh.

Now, to wait and try to get over this shit.  Hoping that douchebag LeeAnn comes back soon. ❤

Stay wonderful, little blogites.