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Sometimes, I come home, toss my heels off….throw on my big Buffs t-shirt and hang out with my fresh kitteh.  It’s so nice to have her here and here are the reasons why…

she’s always happy to see me…. eventhough it’s because she wants food. It’s so nice to have her meow all nicity nice when she sees me.

she snuggles when I’m sleeping and just chills by me when I don’t wanna cuddle… She’s got the perfect amount of snuggle in her….sometimes she wakes me up with her lovin, other times she just hangs out away from me. Either way, I’m feeling the love from my kitteh.

She knows just what to say when I’m sad.  When I’m all down in the dumps, she meows in my face and rubs her face against me and reminds me that everything is ok.


So I went out tonight and was hanging out with all of these people.  i had fun, but came home and had so much fun just hanging with my besties and watching them dance (ohhhhhhh the nerd factor when Prince came on!!)  And now, I’m home, with my kitteh laying by my head and soooooooo comfortable. Sometimes it’s so nice just to have a wonderful night with your friends and than nice night watching movies. ❤ so nice.  I think I’ll write in my journal.

ahhhhh, i just love the kitteh.  She’s so great and deserves a blog post just for her <#