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It’s hermit time again.  Hermit time turns into watching tv series marathons (while cuddling my freshkitteh) which, in turn, gives way to my weirdness.  And boi o boi, I’m getting weird again.

BUT, sometimes, my weirdness (and the weird things I decide to take a stand on) seem to be pretty damn important (or just beautiful)…..so, listen up, little blog-monsters…I have a thought……[my apologies if this makes me sound crazy. or, if it’s boring as fuck.]

oh, thanks Owen Slaeter. I’m officially in love with you (and Boardwalk Empire)

I spend a lot of time trying to connect movies and real life in my head.  I like to the situation from the movie (or tv show) and think about if it happened to me — what would I do?  The answer, unfortunately, generally tends to be: I’d walk away, or not engage, or be totally turned off that the person is being so dramatic. Helloooooo, jaded fabulousness… I mean, really.  Sometimes it’s just totally not genuine. I’m not the type to beg for someone back, or to go back to someone after they’ve hurt me…..call me jaded, but I don’t have time for that shit. BUT I was watching a movie the other day and realized that when people ask about someone I’ve just met, or my friends, I don’t do the people justice with my descriptions.  Here’s how it goes:

them: Who’s [blah blah blah]?

Me: Oh, she’s my friend.  She’s pretty cool.

end of description.  Here’s what I’d like to happen:

Them: What’s [blah blah blah] like?  (I really wish we asked what people were like more often….it’s just so…..open)

Me: She laughs at the most inappropriate things.  She loves animals and she’s the wittiest person I know.  And sometimes, when she doesn’t think anyone’s around, she talks to herself in weird voices.

WHY are we not more descriptive?  Most of the time I go into what my friend looks like, when it’s like WHO CARES? I want to know what their laugh sounds like.  I want to know that you really love the way that ze always rationalizes eating the last cookie.

I want to hear these things about other people because it makes me care about them.  The second we say “Oh yeah, ze’s pretty awesome.”  the other person is like “oh, ok. I don’t really care.”  I think it feels genuine.  Let’s be more genuine and unafraid of caring too much.

I think we (and by we i mean ME right now) get so used to not being emotional that it becomes easier to not give a shit than to actually care about things like that.  That’s no way to live our lives.  We say so much every day. Why not make as much of what comes out of your mouth as beautiful as possible? But, luckily, my alone-time/weirdness building is bringing the feelings out.  YAY.

Oh man. I need some deep breathing or yoga or something.

Ok, lovelies, it’s bed time.  Stay so wonderful and don’t be afraid to shine every color that you are…..rainbow that shit up.

This week: Imma be brave and shine more genuine at work.  Alot of crap comes out of this trap of mine….I’m going to make as much of it as beautiful as possible. ❤