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Sometimes the rain just clears everything away. Being from Colorado, I feel so lucky every time I see the rain — we don’t get much rain out here.  Especially entire days of rain, or rain storms.




Life, lately, has been confusing.  Worrisome as I’ve had some sadness in the family, confusing because I’m changing…yet again.  Times like these – I get anxiety-ridden.  And so I am…..afraid that I’ll never find a lover (does it really matter? no, I’m happy alone. But still, the irrational anxiety…), afraid that I’m not doing a very good job, afraid that I don’t give my family enough of me….It’s been….a whole bunch of me making more problems for myself….

And so, in the rain, and totally wrapped in my own head (oh hey, high school me.  It’s been a while…) I’m feeling lucky again.  Still outrageously anxiety-ridden, but I’m so lucky.  Lucky for the rain.  Lucky for the (seriously odd) feeling of acceptance at work.  That I’m friends with people that I think are so much cooler than I am.  Lucky for my path in the world.  Lucky for my abilities. Lucky for my kitteh and newfound return to the introverted, super creative me.

OOHHHHH, my loves.  Doesn’t it just seem like I’m always writing and nothing is ever happening? It’ll happen for us soon, don’t you worry.  We’ll have some happening soon.

AND, I painted the wall of my studio, I’ll take a picture and post soon.

Stay lucky, my little blog-drops of love.