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I didn’t want to go out the other night. I wanted to go home and sit around and read and do nothing.  But then JG (one of my most favorite people in the whole world) coerced me into grabbing some beers with the guys.

wait. let’s rewind.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been hopelessly in love with someone.  Even a moment of total “omgyou’resowonderfulithinki’mgoingtodieAND-ithinkthere’ssuchthingassoulmates…”  I’ve been hanging with some pretty amazing people, but I haven’t had that feeling, that “I can’t help myself, you’re so great” feeling. Srsly. It has been FOREVER.

SO, I was hanging out with JG the other night (FAVORITE!) and we were chatting, and we started talking about homophobia and he was all standy-uppie for me and saying things like “what’s wrong with people?”.  So, then, we were walking out of the bar we were at and I looked back at him and he was walking outside, smoking a cigarette, with his sunglasses on, in his work clothes….looking all Christian Grey hottness (yes I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey….fuck you for judging me.).  Then he said “hey LeeAnn, i just want you to know that I love you…” me: “thanks, JG.”   him: “whatever happens, Obama, whatever…..I love you.” lesigh.  A) he was all super sexy looking.  B) he’s all douche and jerky but he still has a wonderful soft side.  OH. MAN.

But then….I got all whatev again, the next day.

 So now I’m sitting at home, with my roomie and oldest (also super awesome) friend, Briz.  And after a crazy day, I’m happy.  I’m a tiny bit drunk, but mostly just super lucky and happy.  And thinking about my awesome coworkers and how awkward the birthday tomorrow will be (I’ll def write more tomorrow, I’m forced to be at my computer until like 10 PM tomorrow night).

Anyway, stay amazing, lovelies.  ❤