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oh oh oh lord.  Am I exhausted. Last weekend was Pride, and if you’re queer or are close to any cool cool queers, you know that Pride is the best holiday ever.

But you know those days where you just feel great?  Like shit’s coming together for you, you’re extra witty and super grateful and things are just…fucking awesome?  [Besides being outrageously exhausted] I’ve had an entire week of amazing.

So I’ve been feeling kind of bleh and just waiting for things to get better. But guess what!?  they got better.  woo.

In the past week (post day of hell) there’s been a mix of awesomeness that has just come together and me investing a little in my happiness.   I got me an art studio (and an amazing studio mate) so I can put some real time into my painting.  Pride, as always, was so incredible and made me sooooooo grateful for the wonderful people in my life [my chosen family is so. amazing.]. I got a promotion which is both sooooo scary and so exciting….. I’ll blog later about the issues I have with THAT sitch.

So all of these things have basically changed my world.  In a week, it feels like my life has totally changed.  And last night, I was a Red Rocks with a few fav’s and one of my uber wise friends asked me: “what’s the most amazing thing that you’ve experienced this week?”   And, while it could have easily been Red Rocks (i mean, come on. it’s AMAZING, as evidenced below.) 

…I said that the most amazing thing that happened to me was waking up every morning this week and being truly thankful for my life.  Even pre-promotion.  And I continue to be super grateful.

le sigh. Sometimes you just have to stop, take a look into the starry sky, and realize that life is so so so amazing.

For my lovely little blogmeisters that are not having the best week ever, keep those heads up.   It’ll come together.

stay outrageously awesome, my little darlings.