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You know the guy on movies that’s always like “you guys, this is going to be the best summer EVER!” or “this is the spring break that everything happens”…well, that’s me. I’m that guy.

I mean, I’m always like “this is the spring of keeping my heart open” or “this is the summer of hetero” (which, for the record, didn’t end up being the summer of hetero as I was sleeping with a girl all summer…..meh, you win some, you lose some). Anyway, I was listening to Brandi’s Keep Your Heart Young earlier and I thought to myself:  This is the summer to keep my heart (and soul) young. 

This is essentially how I’ve been lately (before Brandi’s new album came out, anyway…):

Sad, jaded owl. 

And while I was listening to Brandi’s new little ditty (you really should get her new album, it’s so good), I thought: WOAH. WHY am I being all sad owl and jaded pants right now.  Life is so awesome.  I’ve gotta go do some awesome things.

So here’s the deal (for any of you who want to join me):

Imma do fun things.  Just to have fun.  Who cares who’s there, who cares if I’m the only one.

Imma get really excited about stuff.  And pay no attention to how stupid I look being so excited.

Imma let the world steal my heart.  Every day.

And Imma try really hard to let myself fall in love with people. (while maintaining my awesome sense of self, of course.) 

Whatchu think?  I think we get too caught up being adults that we don’t really enjoy things much anymore.  Remember when you got super stoked about like…pools, and anything that even LOOKED fun?  I remember when I believed in magic everywhere.  It wasn’t THAT long ago. 

I’m bringing that shit back.  It is, my lovelies, the summer of keeping your heart young.

Care to join?

tons of love, and magic, and amazingnes….