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Everytime I go to write a post and my heart is shut or I’m just plain in a dick-mood, I feel like Kate Bornstein in this video. Kind of like: I don’t always know it’s going to get better….but it eventually does.  That’s how I’ve felt for the past few days, I didn’t know if I was going to get into a better mood.  But I did!  So here I am.

Pause please.  I need to go watch Venus cross the Sun.

Ok.  Now I’m back.  A good friend and I said we’d make wishes as Venus rocked out in front of the Sun.  I know they said not to, but I checked it out with my eyes….not a good idea.  My wish?  Nah, I’m not tellin.

oh look. it’s me.

So I’ve been struggling lately with ma’bod and ma’life.  Just feeling grumpy and, really, not good enough for anything.  And then (doesn’t it always just happen like this?)  I came to grips with the face that I need to practice some radical self-love, I went for a little run and I realized that Brandi Carlile’s new album Bear Creek was downloading. 

and just like that…It got better.





My latest lesson in opening my heart?  Getting back to compassion.  Getting back to being present.  AND FUCKING LOVING THE SHIT OUT OF MYSELF.

Let’s hope I can rock it. 

Stay sweet, lovelies.