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It’s time to break it down a bit. Get some more honesty in this mug…

When you’re alone, what do you wish for?

Someone to hold you? A smaller ass? Money? The ability to be in a long-term relationship?


I was alone the other day (big surprise) and I started pining (like I tend to do when I’m alone) and I realized: I’m not wishing for love, or for money or a different job (ok, well maybe I’m kind of wishing for that), I was seriously wishing that people could step back and look at the big picture.  I was wishing that I could do that more than I do.  I was also wishing that someone was there who could scratch my back…what? It’s sunburnt.

I feel like people say this all the time.  I’ve seen a Facebook status or two about this recently…and I KNOW I’ve blogged about this…. but sometimes the easiest way out of a funk (bad mood, feeling like crap…or really the easiest way into feeling better than you’ve felt in a while) is to stop caring so goddamn much about yourself.  I mean, still CARE about yourself, but stop making that the only thing you think about.  Be able to genuinely care about others…and to really, actually listen to them.

I know what it’s like.  You feel like your life is so crazy fun/drama filled that you don’t have time to listen to other peoples’ lives. Believe me.  Been there. I still get all butt-hurt (WHERE did that word come from?) when I’m feeling all great and people invade my shit and start talking about BS drama that doesn’t matter.


That’s not the kind of paying attention to others that I’m talking about.

Look, lately, I’ve been out-of-control ridiculously happy (like, stupid, dorky smiling while I’m driving to myself happy…I know, makes you wanna slap me doesn’t it?) But I’ve been happy thinking less about my problems/life and more about the people around me. 

Here are some things that we can blame for my dorky, very stupid self-smiles for me these days:

  • Thinking about the monsters (ok. that’s a given. next)
  • My broseph is home from overseas, he surprised my sister and the kids and came home a week early.  Too. Awesome.
  • It’s taken my little sister a while to finally get to the point where she’s obvs happy.  Hearing that in her voice- priceless.
  • I’m running like daily, and my shitty body image is disappearing (though my bod is pretty much staying the same), I think I’m fucking hot again.
  • I’ve been making sure I know what’s going on in the world.  Knowing what’s up, while totally a downer some days, puts my extremely privileged problems in perspective!  (losing my keys, or not getting off early on a Friday fucking PAIL in comparison to the shit other people have to go through.)
  • The other day, I had a moment when I felt like I should be wishing for someone to cuddle with.  When I realized that I’m not really wishing for that, I also realized that I haven’t been wishing for that for a while.  It’s pretty fucking awesome to not put my self-worth on who wants to cuddle me. 

There’s so much more, buuuuuut it could get boring very quickly.

Soooooo….stay wonderful, my amazing little blogmonsters.  And open your eyes, look around, this world is so much more wonderful than you might remember….