Last Friday morning, I woke up after having crazy dreams [in a terrible mood], went for a little run [felt a little better], got ready and got in my car…all the while getting more and more peaceful.  A general feeling of peace and happiness has been coming on gradually for me in the past few weeks. 

So I’m listening to some Andrea Gibson (loooove), thinking about life and my friends and my love interests (ahhh kickmeinthefacepls) and it hit me, like a ton of bricks.  I was all:

This whole time, I’ve been distancing myself from the world.  Which, I’m not going to deny, has helped me get to a place of peace.  But, this morning as I was listening to Close For Comfort by Andrea Gibson, I realized: holy shit, I miss having seriously deep connections with the people around me.

It’s not like I’ve been a total shut in (I have been a TOTAL shut in).  I’ve also been nurturing and being grateful for the connections I have with family and friends.   But there’s something missing…and it’s the great connections that I used to have with friends….

It’s the great connections that I used to be open to when I immediately met someone.

So, on Saturday night, I went to Roller Derby with some of my favorite people, and made two pretty awesome new connections.  And (though I still have some serious anxiety about potentially dating) I feel good to have met these new people and I wonder what they’re going to bring into my life.

But tonight, I’m working on my connections with myself and my kitteh.  Le sigh. Best. Night. Ever.

Stay wonderful, loves.