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Sometimes you feel effing unstoppable.  Like you’re doing everything right.  Like you’re just a total badass, and even though you’re not really doing anything (like ever) you feel like your life is coming back full force…

And then something ridiculous and douchey (and not in a good way) happens …like BS thing after BS thing for like a week….and you’re all:

And then you go to a basketball game with an amazing amazing person and on your way up to your apartment, you see the awesome guy that you met on Valentine’s Day who came to your apt and made art with you and talked about wonderful things with you, and he’s running for senate and wants you to come with him to some of the events (because he says that you’re smart and super hot, which feels awesome after you haven’t been feeling like much of anything lately) and wants to hang out, and all of the sudden you’re like…woah.  There’s my life again.

In other words: sometimes things just feel planned. And sometimes you just have to wait out the shitty to get to the good.  The universe always throws you a bone.

Stay awesome, little bloggies. I’ll write more soon.