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Today was an amazing day.  I rocked some shit at work, volunteered (which made my heart sooooooooo full), and then I did some yoga (which killed my ankle, but opened ma’bod up.)  I got out of yoga and…BAM….just like that, my heart flew open.

After hanging with some awesome kids during volunteering, and doing some yoga, my heart slapped the shit out of my head (and my ego) and started whispering louder than my head could ever scream.

 I’m. Happy. For the first time in months, I’m open/clear happy.  My heart is the clearest it’s ever been.  WHAT a fucking load off…

I’m learning Serbian (soooo excited), I’m overcoming my fear of men in positions of authority…and I’m just not worried about love.  I’m worried about loving.  I have all the love I need, I just have to give it wherever I can.


Ahhhhh….just soak it in, lovelies.  Just soak in the gorgeous world….