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He picked me up in a white Jeep Grand Cherokee.  “This one’s right off the truck,” he said in his greek accent. And every time he looked at me, he looked at me like he needed to tell me something. He took me to the nicest restaurant in town, bought us wine, didn’t mind that I ate with my hands or that I was wearing jeans.  When I said inappropriate things, he laughed.  He told me that I looked more comfortable, and that it was nice.  He excused his language when he said the word “retarded” (without being prompted to do so by me! like, I’ve never heard him say it before and I’ve never talked to him about it….it’s sad that I’m so stoked about that because not many people think about that. sad. I think I need a ranty post about this. ANYWAY…) He didn’t cringe at my vegan food choices.  He fully accepted my weirdness. When I poked fun at him, he laughed and poked it right back.  We developed jokes.  I felt comfortable. 

He was cheesy. OH MAN, he was cheesy.  He asked me what color rose I wanted.  I picked the ugliest rose the woman had.  He just shook his head at me. And I took that ugly green rose home.  He let me pay for some drinks. He didn’t chastise me when I made remarks about others’ misogynistic comments.  He sees women as strong.  He worried about me, but laughed with me when I told him embarrassing stories.  He said: “I’ve been excited to see you all week…”

He genuinely likes me. me.

There’s a possibility it’s mutual.

 He lives kinda far away.  And this affair is pretty inappropriate, so I do not know how much longer it will go on, but….I can safely say that I fell in love for a night.

With a pretty unlikely, but amazingly genuine person.

Oh lord.  How’s that for an open heart.

le sigh.