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Because lent is all about clearing out your life and organizing your shit, I’m going to attempt to have an organized post.  For once.

First, you should know that I’m Serbian.  I was baptized Serbian Orthodox, which is Christian and chock full’a some crazy traditions.  Lent, for us, is a big deal.  I think you should know that I am not super religious, despite seeming super into my religion.  My social and political views directly conflict with my church (HELLOOOOO queerness) and I’ve been known to make a few Jesus jokes in my day.  Quite a few. heh. 

Still, I have a relationship with god (it’s my own special super queer super positive and amazingly communicative relationship with ma’god.  We’re tight.) And, while I’m not a gigantic fan of many things the church says, so many of the traditions tied to my religion mean tons to me.  To me, they represent my family and my roots.

If you want to know more about Serbian Orthodox Lent, Google that shit.  It’s pretty nutso.  BUUUUT, for the most part, my family fasts (nothing from an animal) and gives something else up…and in place of eating animals and whatever else you gave up, you’re supposed to improve your relationship with god.  You focus on being a better person (less gossiping, less bitterness, less judgement, less…douchiness) THIS is what I want to talk about. 

Now that we’re finally done with my backstory shiz, we can talk about the opportunity for growth that I’m finding. Like I said, I’m not super religious.  I totally love yoga and meditation and taking the time to open my heart and grow. OBVS.

Today is Forgiveness Sunday. We ask for forgiveness from the people we’ve wronged, and we give forgiveness to the people who’ve wronged us.  I’m working on forgiving those who I’m holding grudges against. 

Lent is all about organizing your shit and cleaning your closets. Not only do I really need to do this literally (not the shit part. heh) There are some ways that I can better organize my life.  Gotta start rockin’ some more yoga.  Gotta be a bit more disciplined in my art, my work and with my dreams.  So I’m going to use this time to focus on openness, honesty, optimism and family.  ❤ AND I’m going to learn how to make some vegan amazing Serbian food….ESPECIALLY sarma.  mmmmmm.

 I’m just out of my mind stoked to continue on this journey.  Openness leads to such amazing things and, it seems, some pretty amazing things are finding their way into my life.  Even a kind of awesome crush.  But that’s another post entirely.

Volim te, blogites.