I know I’ve been raving about my hermit-ness and, really, defending it at all costs.  Being a hermit is doing me good. And, like my wise friend told me, with my quietness, so many great things are coming to me.  I’m full. I’m happy. I’m meeting people who are full of amazing things to teach me.  I’m keeping my trap shut and listening.  I’m pulling the gems from every situation and using them to learn more about my life.  I’m on fucking fire. But not a loud, kicking ass on fire…more like a “I know what I’ve gotta do and I’m gonna make the world better” kind of on fire.  I’m doing things that are so much more happiness driven than social driven. It’s beautiful.

I keep meeting all of these awesome strangers. People who I know can teach me so much.  Whenever I meet one of these people  I think to myself: woa woa woa, how the hell was I so arrogant to not realize that I had so much more to learn?  I hope that I always have these reality checks.  Here I am, going through life, thinking that because I’ve been through a little bit of trauma, because I’ve learned a few life lessons, I’m done learning.  What a dick. No, no, no, Mr. Fabulous….You’ve got a long way to go. 

The awesome thing about being open (and not being defensive) is that when you’re open, you are boundless.  Boundless. When I showed my Valentine’s Day friend my self portrait, all he could say was “boundless”.   I thought:  that’s totally not what I was going for, I feel so bound.  I feel like I could do so much, if only I wasn’t up my own ass all the time. (not literally, you dicks.)  So, being open and not so up my own ass, gives me the space to have (what I think is) amazing painting ideas.  The drive to go out and volunteer and actually make moves.

Ill tell ya, it’s much more gratifying than just getting crazy with my friends every night.

Maybe soon I’ll get the guts up to make some moves with ma’art.  Get that shiz up in a show….but until then…new friends are enough…

So…quit limiting yourself.  Don’t just open your heart…open your mind, loves. Try something new.  Welcome new greatness into your life. It’s the only way to live.