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I planned my Valentine’s Day so I could be by myself and paint. I had an amazing vision for a painting and I was feeling it.  I walked to the liquor store and got a bottle of wine to drink with my delicious, delicious gnocchi and while I was walking back, I breathed in how perfect the night was.  I LOVED being alone, and I loved my night.  I felt like I was radiating love and peace and happiness.  At the entrance to my building, a guy held the door open for me and I thanked him and held the elevator for him and his friend.  I’m always awkward in elevators, so I stared at the buttons and tried not to listen to what they were talking about.

And then one of the guys started talking to me.  I didn’t even realize he was talking to me until I glanced at them and they were both looking at me.   He mentioned the wine in my hand and that it was Valentine’s Day and he likes to cuddle. I just laughed and tried not to be weird…these guys were OBVS way cooler than me. (I was rockin’ the “I’m alone on Valentine’s Day on purpose” look….but OBVS I was still sexy as hell) So this guy continues to talk to me and when I get off the elevator, he says “I’m serious, let’s hang out” or something like that.  So I told him my apt number and went home, not expecting to see him again.

I get home, pour me some wine and get to painting.  I’m almost done with my newest vision when there’s a knock on my door.  Long story short, he stayed for hours just doodling and talking to me while I painted.  Come to find out, I have SO MUCH in common with this guy.  He wants to come to the art museum with me, he talked about the world like he was alway learning, and we’re going to start writing each other letters…the guy is great.

So much for spending Valentine’s Day alone…but the conversation was good enough to make it worthwhile.  In the least, I added one more to my amazing people that I’m lucky enough to know list.

Be brave and radiate love, my beauties.