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get it? OWL be your valentine? cute little owls, bein all cuuute.

Before you read MY post, it’s imperative that you read this post.  I read it today, and it’s perfect for, not only valentine’s day, but for ma’blog.  

After reading the 3 Steps to Cracking Your Heart Wide Open… article (it’s the same thing as the hyperlink above), I realized that there are tons of ways to open your heart, and we’re exploring them all, lovelies!!

But, I also remembered who I want to be.  I’m lucky enough to know what it’s like to have an open heart (even if it’s only some of the time).  I don’t know what the deal is…CAN someone have an open heart all the time?  Are we just meant to go through these cycles of openness and shutness, or to explore new ways of openness that don’t necessarily look open to everyone?


There are no answers.  I was talking to one of my favorite people in the whole world, Lindsey, (like seriously, this girl is magic, she’s so wonderful) and I was explaining my whole Hermit-phase that I’m doing to her and she said that I seem really at peace.  And I realized that I’m not shut off like I thought I was, I’m just open in a different way.  I’m open without being a doormat.  I’m open to myself and to aloneness and to the universe…and it’s fucking beautiful.

Linds brought up this idea that the world doesn’t have extra parts.  We all work together and have a function in the world, and I feel that way about the events/non-events in my life.  And all of the wonderful people who are/have been in my life.  You all mean something.  You all have a purpose, not only in my life, but in so many lives.  Isn’t that just such a gorgeous realization? 

You may or may not have noticed, it’s Valentine’s Day  (well, tomorrow)

and it’s a wonderful WONDERFUL time to explore the millions of different kinds of love there are.  I mean, SHIT.  I experienced so many of them today! Open your heart.  Think about all of the amazing love you received today. From strangers, from friends, from your furry little critters and, most importantly, from yourself.  It’s Valentine’s Day, babeh, you’ve gotta love yourself the best.  (yes. I’m talking about masturbation. heh, jk.  But really. Love your shit.)

The article, that I totally recommend you read (!!!!!), talks about being open to whatever comes to you.  This…is so hard. I hate change.  I hate having to put myself out there, I hate when new things come into my life, I just want to live in my little hermit bubble and do art and tell everyone else to fuck off.  But the times that I open my heart and let my love restrain my judgement have been some of the best times ever.

It's truuuuuue. YOU.

It will be Valentine’s Day by the time most of you read this.  Take time to love you.  And to show unconditional love to those who have your unconditional love.  Don’t be a douche and totally reject the awesomeness of a day set aside for love.  Even if it is uber-commercial and people will return to being dicks the day after (especially me…).   I get it.  Valentine’s Day is DUMB. But who says you can’t be a part of the mushy love-spreading

tons&tons&tons&tons of love to you, little blog-monsters.

I love you for the patience you have to read my rambling, awkward, and douchey blog posts. ❤