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I went on a date.  It’s just weird. Whoever came up with dating is weird and a douche.  I’d be so much happier just staying at home and adopting cats until this hole in my soul is filled with fuzzy, meowing little monsters.  But, alas, a part of me still wants to see if anyone can contend with me in the sack (I am the best I’ve ever had..) so I must date and such.

I’m a liar. Sometimes I want to have a lover.  And cuddling would be nice.  Sometimes.   (my good friend, Marianne, calls me out everytime I make a grandiose statement that is not true. So I’ve begun doing it for myself as well.  What a nice friend, teaching me lessons and shit.)

so. dating is scary.  (really. Just look at the faces of ANY of these people and you’ll see how scary it is.)

Buuuuuuuuuut, I’ve realized that I get this anxiety right before the date, but I just need to keep going and when I get there, I end up having a nice time. 

I just want my life to be like Chuck and Blair's (minus the pregnancy...)

I mean, maybe I like her.  I’m trying not to close off and not like her.  Relations of the heart…they’re so complicated.  le sigh.  But I don’t want to put it on here…because last time, you assholes jinxed it.  no.  Just kidding.  But it is boring to talk about it so much.

I still have the weird crush on the inappropz Greek.  le sigh.  And continue to kickmeinthefacePLS.

It’s possible that work might kill me this week. (I’m being dramatic) I’ve had a srs stomach ache for 2 days and I feel like I’m going to vom all over Brock’s desk and I’m just too stressed out to relax.  And having awkward crushes and dating people is. not. helping.

So, tonight, I’m going to volunteer and then I’m going to relax and lay on my bed and just open my heart. 


….And slow the fuck down.

love you much, blogness.  I promise, I’ll write more interesting posts soon.