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I actually like the snow.  It gives me an excuse to stay in the house, Facebook stalk people I shouldn’t (whydoihavesuchweirdcrushesrightnow?), and catch up on my shows. I got too tired to finish Gossip Girl last night.  The snow’s just super gorgeous and makes everything feel kind of magical.  le sigh.


Review. I had my review for work.  I don’t know how YOUR review process goes, but mine is kind of a joke.  They rank us, 1-20.  And, to be honest, I could tell you what I need to work on.  Like, maybe, don’t blog during work.  Or don’t be on the phone with your sister all day. Or don’t joke with your dealers about YouTube videos.  But no.   Guess what I need to work on. “Be more aggressive.”  THAT’S IT.  It could be the stupidest thing that I’ve ever heard.  First of all, I’m aggressive enough.  Second of all, fuck you. I get my shit sold.  Reviews are just a way for bosses to a) adhere to stupid rules and b) make up some bullshit critiques.  Do you think my bosses put any more effort into their reviews than I do into my BS phone calls to my dealers?  No.  That’s why my only critique was to “be more aggressive.”


kickmeinthefacepls.  I’m realizing that I need to get over my emo shiz QUICK.   It’s starting to get weird.  I’m getting so used to myself that I’m losing touch with reality and I’m becoming even MORE weird.  But, on a positive note: My artsy side is growing and becoming even more AWESOME.

Weirdness example 1:  My aforementioned weird crush, whom I am Facebook stalking (WHYYYYYYYYYY???), is someone who previously drove me nuts and who continuously makes awkward remarks EVERY TIME we talk on the phone.  Which is every day.  Because I have to talk to him for work.  (BUT, in my defense, he knows Serbian and says he loves me in Serbian like…all the time.  Which is something I hope that my future lover will do. It’s kind of seksi.)  kick me in the face, PLS. le sigh.

Weirdness example 2: I’m starting to do things simply for my own entertainment.  Like moving crap around and not telling anyone.  Or singing/talking/dancing to myself when other people are around. Or, really, just not making sense when I talk.  Or telling Freshcat that I’m going to eat her.  Like 5 times a day.  (I wouldn’t actually eat her, she smells and I’m a vegetarian.)

Weirdness example 3: Sometimes when I’m talking to my friends, I start telling a story about my other friends and, mid-sentence, I realize that it’s actually my tv friends, not real people. :-/  That’s anti-sosh (short for social…long o) to the MAX.

meh.  I guess the weirdness ain’t that bad.  We are who we are…and, really, as long as the weirdness helps me rock some amazing art, I’m totally down for rockin’ it.  I guess this is my phase of opening ma’heart. Truly loving myself for all of my weirdness (not for the only semi-weird person I think that other people love).

so. now I’ll shutthefuckup.

Stay weird, my wonderful little blogmonsters.