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Been in a weird place lately.  And by weird place, I mean not wanting to talk to anyone.  Been occasionally sad.  Trying to keep ma’heart open.  But, for the most part, just wanting to be alone and super antisocial..  I think they call that…depression.  But I’ve been talking to my sister for like 3 hours each night, and I’ve still been loving so many beautiful things.

And so…because I’m far too antisocial and bleh to construct an entire post with real sentences and a point, here it is.  My blog full of love.  The things I’ve fallen in love with recently.

love love love love love love love love.

I love (in no particular order):

*This poem (and the fact that I’ve been singing this freaking song in my head each dealer contact. so perfectly awkward):


*I love my sisters. I love that I talk to my sister like 7 times a day.  And they’re hilarious. And comfortable. And…family. They’re just the right kind of family.

*I love that I’ve felt more clear, more artistic and creative, more whole in the past few weeks than I ever did while I was trying to be something others want.

*I love my family.  I love that I know they don’t agree with any post that I put on facebook, but they love me anyway.  And I’m so lucky to have that kind of unconditional love.

*I love my amazing friends.  From the ones that somehow know exactly when to tell me they can’t wait until I’m home, to the ones who try and freak me out bc I’m stuck in a hotel alone.  And the ones who share amazing music/poetry with me.  I’m lucky.

*My mom. Because she’s the kind of person that will go out of her way just to do something nice.  And she never expects it in return.

*I love my Freshcat.  She pees all over the apartment, but I love her and I miss her when I’m traveling.

*I love art.

*My dad.  How I rarely talk to him and see him maybe once a month, but when he comes to meetings at work, we spend the entire time texting and making fun of everyone.

*I love that I find hilarious stuff on tumblr every single day.  I love that there’s so much funny in the world.  It’s beautiful.

*The feeling I got today, while I was driving alone…like I don’t need anyone else.  But that I want these people in my life.

*Being Serbian.  And my family.  My traditions.  And feeling full, like this unexplainable joy when I learn new things about us.

*That I’m allowing myself to actually believe in and want an amazing, fairytale kind of love….but, also, that I know that I don’t need anyone else to make me whole….being ok if I don’t ever find a life-mate.

*I love when people are brave enough to be crazy, poetically, and amazingly in love.  That’s the stuff art’s made of.  (promising myself that I’ll try to be that free).

*video games.

*Sports fans.

*The idea of growing old.  Getting wiser.  Becoming a silver fox and aging as gracefully as possible.

*Snowy nights.  So. Magical.

*Feminist books.  Talking about gender.  Exploring ideas I’ve never thought of.

*Noodles and Company.

*I love coffee.  LOVE coffee.

*Animals.  Also: animalsbeingdicks.com

*Radical self love.  Open minds.  The idea that there are no rules.


Holy shit. This could go on forever, so I’ll keep the rest to myself….for now.


Love you, little blogsters.