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Well, I’ve been pretty ranty lately.  I think it’s because I’ve been hanging by myself and…well…when that happens I get to thinking that I’m just the smartest person ever and that I have the best opinions ever.  Both are probably not true.  But fuck you. 

I won’t rant in this post.  This is just an update on the open heart of LeeAnn the Fabulous.

So, I’ve been trying real hard to keep ma’heart open.  I’ve learned that it’s a lot easier when the only person I see is myself, my family and that gorgeous Freshcat.  Been feelin’ like balls.  But, you know what?  I fuckin’ kept my heart open and learned some shit.


LIKE:  I’m remembering to let the wonderful small things make each day great.  (mostly, for me, it’s those tiny things that I love) For instance: 

Things I love, today: 

 *This morning, Mike walked by me and I said “hi” like I do every morning.  His response was: “I like your face.”

*My sister calls everything her “beloved”. So far, her “beloveds” are: Ryan Gosling, Paul Rudd, some guy off of survivor and those delicious little chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.  HILARIOUS.

*Brock could be the funniest person I know.  He’s been quoting Epic Meal Time all day, and it’s HILARIOUS.  He’s also generally uber supportive of me and is probably the reason for 50% of my laughs throughout the day.  And he has an adorable southern accent.  And he showed me William Elliott Whitmore. And his fantastic song: When Push Comes To Love.  Youtube it.  It’s wonderful.

So. Great.

Been focusing on not talking myself out of loving things. You know, had a big crush on awkward adorable girl…. then I was all:

And then she was all:  “Oh hey. I like yours back.”

But then it didn’t work out.  But it was sweet while it lasted.  So imma continue.  Saw a girl I knew from high school on New Year’s Eve,  been talking to her.  (she’s pretty cool) Been reconnecting with amazing people. Been connecting with new ones.  Been remembering to be my own friend.  Doing arts and stuff.  And now (thanks to William Elliott Whitmore and Bon Iver) I’m really into guys with beards.  So maybe I’ll date a dude with a sexy beard next.

Who knows!?  Who knows what will happen next!? so.exciting.

Staying open. Feeling the flow.


Soooo, tonight, I’m going to go home. Paint some shiz. Watch some good tv. Cuddle some Freshcat.  Continue being a total hermit.  HAAY.

Love you, little blog meisters.  Stay wonderful.