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There’s no better title to a post than Brandi lyrics.  Unless it’s about being a fucking psychic.  Then,  fuck you.

Dreams. I’ve been in uber-relaysh mode recently.  Which is a total switch from how I usually roll.  I’m like super relationshippy, like…meeting people and wondering if I could date them status.   Like, playing MASH-O with my girlfriends and pulling tarot cards to see who they’re going to end up with status.  WTF.  So the other night, I was pretty peak-relationshippy mode, and I realized that I never dream anymore.  Like, legit dream about how I want life to be…manifest my future. 

I’ve always tried to not have expectations for life and what’s going to happen. I try to live life without conditions (that’s what my problem is today, I’m expecting things to be different and I’m a total dick) So where does manifesting my future and creating dreams fall into living without conditions?

Like everything, it’s a balance. Liiiiiikkkkkeeeee, maaaaaaaayyyyyyyybbbbbeeeeeee,  taking the time to set the path, but still allowing yourself to be all whimsical, sunshine-and-rainbowsie on the walk…and MAYBE if you get side-tracked along the way – it’s cool.  You know, no rules and junk.

Dreaming used to be a big part of my writing – I’d just dream up these wonderful stories and re-live that shit while I was writing them. Creating all kinds of wonderful realities.  le sigh…gotta get back into that.

So, let’s go manifest the shit out of our lives.  And dream big, little blog-lovers.