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I’m having a hard time focusing on work again today. It snowed the night before last night and I spent all day yesterday forcing myself to do work.  I really just want to NOT work.  Days like these, I become some kind of a zombie.  I just force myself to mindlessly do my job.  What a bust.

Also, I’m fucking chock-full of bad attitude today.  I literally flipped off a stoplight for turning red today.  (Who the hell am I?!?)  I was just so full of myself that my thought was:  why are YOU inconveniencing MY drive to work?   Really? 


Grow up, Peter Pan.  Count Chocula.   The world isn’t here to make YOUR life better. (nothin’ like a self-reality check)

 Days like today are when I need to stop, take a good long look at how I’m feeling and hope it fucks off. I’m just a total dick.  Heart’s still open, though, spewing douche-comments and asshole thoughts all over my computer…and the world, really.

I’m being a stubborn little shit.   TOTALLY not giving up this shitty attitude of mine, totally not letting anyone say anything to make it better.  What a dick.  In an attempt to find something to crack my shiz open and make me peaceful again, I’m playing some MASH (via email) with my friends, checking out some art, some cute/hilar animal vids and still working a bit (just so I don’t feel guilty later). 

Here you go lovelies:

Jack Vettriano's The Singing Butler. Soooo beautiful. ahh, the romance.There it is...there's the one that melts my heart....


- Eddie

Annnnnnnd, that is all I have to say.  Fuck ya’self.