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…pretty relevant.

Sometimes you just want to throw a song into the universe,
some lyrics…quote a poem.  In hopes that the someone perfect…
that person that gets you, that understands, will take hold
of the end of that lifeline and just…notice you.

I’m not a soulmates or heart on the sleeve, in the wind type of woman.

but if I were….if I were, I’d toss lyrics into the air like rice.
I’d throw pretty words like a boomerang.  Like my heart.
If I were, I’d be the kind of person who looked into the sky
hoping for a sign and realizing that it was right in front of me.
…I’d think about someone’s heart on a rainy day and hope that
they had an umbrella, and wonder if they secretly liked the rain on their skin.

The way your heart soaks up raindrops and swells
in the cold.

Sometimes you just want to throw a song into the universe.

aaaaaaand, that’s number 3 for the night.  Boi’o’boi do I feel productive.

Stay beautiful, you wonderful little blogmeisters.