Ever feel like you’re ridiculously surrounded by gross, douchey drama around someone you totally trusted actually lying about things and you keep trying to get out and forget about it but a-holes (that you don’t even know!) keep pulling you back in? This is my life right now.  And then I rear ended a guy last week (and not in a good way), smashed my knee and now I have a ticket for following too closely and hiked insurance rates.  fml. 

ahhh, negativity, fuck you and your pancakes.  (if you HAVEN’T heard Micki McNie’s Pancake Song….check it out here http://youtu.be/7udFjyKbqd0  “fuck you and your pancakes” is my favorite line in any song..ever.)  At least the cops were super nice and funny.  And it gave me material for jokes all day.  And I got to watch 300…which is just a bad ass movie.

I feel like life is full of lessons.  It’s just chock-full of lessons. It’s just like… lesson city.  The lesson  that I’ve been forgetting lately is to remember to live without conditions  and let go of control.  Last night, pre-300 watching, I started totally freaking out and worrying about where my life is going.  What opportunities am I missing? What if I’m heading down the wrong path?  I’ve got to remember that I’m right where I need to be.

I’ve been falling in love with family lately slash connections with family.  I mean, OBVS, I already love my family.  But I’ve been connecting with some of my favorite friends about family.  This weekend (last weekend?) I got to spend some time with my family and it was just so…easy.  I think that’s what love should feel like.  Someone who’s easy, like you don’t have to work to like them.  You just do. 

some cousin love. I'm in the middle with my cousin, Jilly. ❤ I was an adorbz child, I know.

I met a girl last night.  While I’m open to a relaysh, I want one with someone who knocks my socks off.  Someone who I can’t help but tell them that they’re amazing and wonderful.  Someone who sets this heart of mine on fire.  And, as far as I can tell, with this girl, ma’feet are still covered. Do I give her a chance anyway and see if she grows to knock ma’feet gloves off?

le sigh.

Keep truckin’ you wonderful little blogmonsters.