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Welp.  My Jame-town McAmazing-face is out of surgery and de-thyroided.  She’s also loopy as shit…which is hilar.  AND she told our favorite joke right after she got out of surgery:

Q: What kind of bees make milk?

A: BOO-BEEs!!!!

bahahahahhahaha! Is she not like the coolest person ever or what?

I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I told you that my heart is totes open right now. In fact, I’d be a dirty asshole liar.  Life is testing the shit out of me.  My family is the most important thing in my life and I feel like they’re going through so much.   Plus, I’m being a stubborn dick and I can’t see the lesson in this right now. I don’t even know if I’m trying to.  I’m just like: FUCK YOU, life, for taking/threatening to take my family members away.  FUCK YOU.  What a dick.

An amazing friend of mine said to me the other day: “it seems like the world is doing some cruel things to the people we love lately.”  And it does.  Maybe there’s something in the air? Are the planets fucked up or something?

…but I can’t be mad at the universe or life..this is what happens.  I guess the positive part of this all is that it really puts the bullshit in perspective.  And even when I’m all anxiety-ridden and heart-hurty and worried, the most amazing thing is that I’m still able to fall in love.

For instance…right now, I’m facebooking back and forth with Jamie.  We’re making jokes and I seriously laughed with her for like an hour tonight.  THIS is why I love the girl.  We’ve always been able to laugh like this and the fact that we can right now, is amazing.  My heart is so huge, making stupid videos to make her laugh.   That’s what it’s about.

Stupid video, GO!

For the record, veštica means witch.  I’m serbian and it definitely means A LOT to me (I’ll get more into that later, I’m sure)  When we were little, instead of playing Marco-Polo, my cousins and I (and my sisters) played magarac (jackass) –  veštica (witch) in the pool.   heh.  I come from a family of hilarious jerks.  And..I’ve (obvs) been a dick my whole life.

Through this crappy feelingness (BOOOOOO) I’m lucky that I have a family and friends that can still laugh.  Laughing so much with Jame tonight healed my heart tremendously.  The coworkers were hilar in participating in these amazing videos that I’ve been making all day (work? who works? ha) .  

I hope laughter is the best medicine. Because THAT I can give to my gorgeous family.  And it sure as fuck is helping me.

I’ll try not to be so emo the next post…. until next time, lovelies.