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…because, really, why WOULDN’T I entitle a blog post fuck ya’self.  boom.

In the spirit of honesty, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  I was sad as shit when I woke up (is shit really sad?)  and the day really progressed to me feeling like everything is falling apart.  LUCKILY (for you and for me) a. my sadness makes me more of a douche and b. I know the power of a good jog (soft j) and yoga to center a bitch.

This is what I get to see outside my hotel window….

Traveling through rural Iowa gives you time to think…and I’ve been thinking about a lot.  I met my cousin’s roomie (who just happens to have one of the top 4 skills that could make me the coolest person in the world!) and who I ended up having a pretty cool connection with.  Just a mutual attraction and general thinking the other is pretty cool.  He’s just kind of awesome. Something I’ve learned in the past few months: a connection is a connection.  I feel so lucky that I allow myself to recognize and really treasure connections with others.  There’s something so magical in not having to say anything – just simply and wonderfully feeling the same about another person. I hope I never stop appreciating that. Could I possibly have a crush on the dude? Welp. Wouldn’t be the first time in the past few months…or the second time…heh.

Anyway, rural Iowa gives you time to think.  And while I drove through the beautiful corn fields (heh), I thought about my amazing friends (I’m just so damn lucky that I’m surrounded by such amazing people), my family, work (meh)…And, while I’m a total dick today, I can’t help but be super positive about the people that I have these amazing connections with.

So, yeah, I’m still worried about Jamie (although I’m pretty sure she’s going to rock the shit out of this), I’m cooking her a delish, uber nutritious meal tomorrow.  With tons of kale.  (jealous?)  Post jog (soft j), I still feel like things are falling apart.  I’m barely even thinking about keeping my heart open right now (who am I kidding, of course I’m thinking of the wonderful people in my life that keep my heart open…).

Alright, amazing blogmonsters, I’m heading back to the room to do some yoga.  Oh yeah, and….fuck ya’self.   (Really. Orgasms boost the immune system as well as relieve tension.  They also start the release of phenetylamine, which is kind of a natural appetite regulator (regulators…mount up….haaayy parethesis inside parenthesis, I’m getting crazy).  So…practice self-love in its physical form.  hayyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooo. Fuck ya’self.)