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[oh, hey look! I forgot to post one!]

I bought some worry dolls in Estes Park.  Well, my Teti Kimmy bought them.

Let me tell you a little about me.  I’m very close with my family.  I’m super close with my cousins and extremely close with my sisters. We’re all similar ages (we’re alll in our 20’s now) and when we were little, we would see each other probably once a year…and we were tight.  Best friends.

Anyway, one year, some of my cousins came to Colorado and we went to Estes Park.  We went to this store, Indian Village, where one of the grown ups said they’d buy us these little dolls in these little yellow boxes.  They read the description to us, how these dolls were supposed to take your worries away, but I just wanted to play with them. I remember telling my worry dolls all of my worries when I was scared or worried. My cousins loved their worry dolls just the same…so…I got some worry dolls. [Jesus, how many times can I say “worry doll” in one paragraph…worrydollworrydollworrydoll, somebody smack me.]

I know I’ve mentioned before that my biggest issue is that I start thinking about my worries and they keep building up…soon enough I’m worrying about the world ending and not being able to provide for every person in my family (extended fam included)…to be honest, I’ve only told my worries to these little wire-and-string dolls a few times, but it seems to help.  Sometimes just talking about it helps. Even if it’s only to some tiny dolls….(all of which are male (no dress)…which, I have to admit, bothered me a little. Why didn’t I get any girl ones?  When I was a kid, there were some with dresses. I guess they don’t have to be wearing dresses to be women…and they’re allowed to identify however they want…..ok…Im done.)

WOW. (haay stream of consciousness) Anyway, here’s how I’m going to try to beat the worry and stay the happy, wonderful (did I mention sexy?) person I am.  I let go of control.  By telling my worries to my worry dolls, I give up some of the responsibility for my worries and I acknowledge that I have worries.  I force myself to look right at them.. “if THIS happens, then, THIS is my backup plan”…This takes a lot of their power away.

Alright little loves.  Until next time…