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I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.  It wasn’t the kind of morning (or day) where I’m just on and energetic and always talking.  It’s more of a – calm, content morning.  I’m now 26 and so much more mature than I was at 25.  (OBVS) And today, I’m….content.  It’s a nice calm after the anxiety I get while my sexy ass is the center of attention for my birthday. (me, not my ass….well…maybe my ass too) Days like this always make me dreamy.  On days like this, I’m always a little more caught up in poetry than normal; daydreaming. 

sigh. gorgeous.

There’s something about daydreaming that sets my heart free.  Although, I may have a problem.  Sometimes I slip into a daydream in the middle of a crazy day and then…well…my work is fucked.  It just happens. This fantastic brain of mine wanders.

I was making some tea in the breakroom at work this morning, (haaaay no coffee for over a week) I was thinking about yesterday and how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life, when I got this kind of heartache – wishing that I could be on the coast somewhere, or in the country just sipping my tea, thinking about what I’m going to paint today.  My earl grey daydream has been clouding my head ever since.

Now here’s an extremely personal truth that…well, fuck it…I’m not ashamed to share with you.  Because logic tells me that, like, at least half of the world feels the same. I’m afraid of the lull. Things get so crazy and all I want is a break. But sometimes I worry that, during the lull (things can’t be crazy fun forever), I’ll slip away. I worked so damn hard to get to a happy place, I don’t wanna go back. That fear hit me last night and this morning. But it was beautifully subsided by this calm, easygoing morning.  My daydreams helped.

So….there you have it. Daydreaming and sheer honesty to open my heart today. 

Have a wonderful day, gorgeous blogsters. Don’t be afraid to daydream, it’ll only show you what  potential you have.