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I’m officially a zombieface.

this pic is supposed to represent my zombieface. it is doing a poor job. but haaay skull boob action!

well, no. I’m lying to you wonderful little blogmonsters. I’ve been a worse zombieface before.  But this time it’s strep zombieface. I’m just over the tired, can’t do anything but sleep, part of the sickness and now I’m just bored as fuck.  I can’t even eat my boredom away because my GD stomach gets all crampy acidic every time I try to eat something.  I don’t even get a good barf out of it.  balls.  But hey, on the bright side, I didn’t have to go to work this week (strong), I had a very fine conversation with one of  my favorite little monsters, the one and only, the coolest and goofiest 3-year-old that you’ll ever meet: Austin.  I call him Aus boss.  This child has a knack for taking a shitty sitch and making it wonderful.  He’s got the optimism that only a 3-year-old can have and he’s fucking cool.  I asked him what he’s getting for his birthday and apparently the kid is getting a scooter, a motorcycle and a parachute.

me: Aus, I don’t think you’re getting a parachute.  What would you even do with it?

Aus: Teti (that’s me), I jump off of the roof and float down.

me: well now I know you’re not getting a parachute. That sounds dangerous.

Aus:  No, Teti, the parachute floats down slow. 

touche, little Aus.  Maybe you will get a parachute.   (BTW, Teti or Tete is aunt in Serbian.  I’m Aus Boss’ aunt…and we are Serbian.  He calls me Teti LeeAnn, used to be Teti WeeAnn…which, somehow, just fit a little better…)  Anyway, the convo was good.  Definitely a highlight of my day.  I always wondered how that child could take a terrible time and make it beautiful.  Even at one-year-old.   Example:

I was living with my sister for about a month post-New-York-craziness and I was having a rough time of it.  I remember sitting on the couch in my sister’s living room crying, when this little one-year-old angel walks up to me, puts his hands on my face and smiles right at me, right into my face. Sure enough, I stopped crying. 

He’s just great.

soulmate update: still don’t know who the fuck the person is.  Apparently they’re already in my life.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the plague that I’m facing, but, I’m losing interest…quick.

So, being away from the corporate yob (i prefer a soft j) and my corporate influences, I’m really missing my art and my need to make the world better.  I have this crazy super passion in my heart (I promise, it’s not my bullshit strep stomach) to make the world a better place.  I want to spread the word about so many things: peace, that the only sex that should be had is consensual sex (!!!!), LOVE, art, human rights, animal rights….. revolution.  FUCKING REVOLUTION.  Does anything make your heart burn more than the thought of fighting for what you believe in?  Like, all out, balls to the wall fighting.  Because nothing matters more.  Oh man. I can’t wait until the time comes when I can justify fucking the rest of my life and just fighting for a cause. Doesn’t that seem so worth it?  Ahhh.  But I can’t. I can’t give up my stability…yet.  You just wait, lovelies.  you. just. wait.

Well…I have no way to end this post.  Soooooo……adorable animal pics!!!!

(imagine uber corny music as you look at them…)



hhahahahaa they're soooooooo little!!!!!!!!!

…for the record….i blame the lack of ending to this post on my zombie virus sickness from hell…. you are welcome for the adorbz animals.