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What a weekend. I had a packed, CRIZAZY weekend. It was nuts. I got to see Brandi Carlile twice this weekend (SHUT UP!).  It was just wonderful.

swoon. She's just too amazing.

The weekend was about change.  Like I’ve mentioned, life is a’changin for me.  I reconnected with friends that I hadn’t talked to in a while.  And it was beautiful.  I hung with my friend, Tom from highschool, who reminded me to be chill and that there are zero rules.  Friday (late night) I got a little schwastie with my usual group’o’amazing peeps.  On Saturday, I saw Micki, who took me back to times when I had kept my heart open and how easy it was. And I hung out with my lovely, wonderful lesbros (which totally made the night perfect)

Saturday (day) was a struggle for me.  I had a huge hangover from hell (balls), and there was some residual dramz from the night before (double balls. or, as Marianne would say, big hairy balls…puke’o’rama).  So, I’m driving up the mountain with the babiest of babydykes (she’s so gay!), turning down the volume everytime she turns it up (fuckin headache), trying super hard not to hate my life.  And, just like that, I get a nice little texteroni from a spectacular person telling me I’m awesome. (remember what I told you about the universe giving you wonderfulness right when you need it?) boom. The kind words (plus some ibuprofin and tons of water…and an energy drink) helped.  tons.

Then there was this:

how can this not open your heart up?

And TONS of this:

soooo great.

Swoon.  so, look, Brandi sung an amazing song this weekend (written by Tim Hanseroth) telling us to keep our hearts young.  Not to buy into the game. And there I was, staring at her, feeling like a douche…because I bought in. Then I hung with my beautiful friends who have wonderful ideals and who don’t give them up.  And then there was the Friday night dramz and a realization that I think about work too much…then I came back to my shitty corporate job. And you know what? I feel like a freaking sellout. I don’t focus on making the world a better place anymore. What a dick.

So here’s what I’m gonna do.  I’m going to go home tonight, drown myself in poetry and my own thoughts (NOT what I SHOULD be doing).  I’m going to make plans.  Make myself happy. Care about the rest of the world. And fucking let my heart catch fire and burn for all of these amazing things.

Wish me luck, lovelies.