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I’m laying in bed (oooo la la) after a bad fucking day (like…BAD fucking day) and all I can do is thank god that my life is not that bad.  I mean, really, I could list all of the reasons I freaking hated my day today…but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that my life ain’t too shabby.

Post work-day-of-hell, i had gigantic bags under my eyes, i was ready to cry (and I’m not a big ‘tears’ person) and I felt like life had just beat the shit out of me.  My heart, fuck, my heart was practically black. But still…here I am, past my bed time (that NEVER helps my bad mood), my nose is itchy as fuck (damn you, allergies) and I have a crazy day tomorrow… but still, I’m so thankful.  How is my heart just bursting with colors right now?  Fuck if I know.  My theory is…Freshcat.

the freshest

See! Look at her bein’ all Freshcat-ie.  When I came home, I dragged myself into my apartment, dramatically flung myself onto my bed and, like a hormonal middle-schooler, started feeling sorry for myself and searching the web for any kind of attention i could get.  My first stop: facebook.  Just as I was about to post a link to Baz Luhrmann’s “Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)”  (advice that proves again and again to be sooooooo helpful….srsly….watch it and be inspired > http://youtu.be/sTJ7AzBIJoI) I glanced over at my precious little gem, staring at me….tons of love in her little kitteh eyes.

Ok. enough of the Freshcat pics.  But really. This cat is so loving, I felt like I could learn a thing or two from her.   Like, first of all, food and cuddling is really all this little angel needs….much like her roommate, ME! (there’s no “ownership” here, and yes, we have roommate meetings). She’s always outta control stoked when I come home….all rolling on the floor and meowing and shit.  I’m lucky.

Love number 3: my ability to be thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life. and little kick-in-the-ass reminders when I’m not so thankful.

Look, I’ve got a lot: amazing friends, a close and hilarious family, a freshcat full of love…and some kickass jugs to boot.  I’m not going to list all of them because it would take FOREVER and because, frankly, you don’t care.  My point: if i could paint my heart right now, it’d be a little ragged on the edges, but fucking thick, healthy and bursting with ribbons of every color.  It’s like a fucking party in mah’heart right now.  And I didn’t even have to do anything…I just fell back in love with all of the wonderful things in my life.

Having a hard time keeping your blood-pumper open?  Make a list of everything you have that’s wonderful.  Friends. A great smile.  A fucking genius IQ.  Have at it.  Brag to yourself….brag to your friends.  You deserve it.  Chances are, you’re fucking wonderful…and you should be stoked about it.

I know that tomorrow my heart will probably steel-trap back and I’ll transform back into the dick that I normally am…. but, for tonight, it’s time we all open our hearts to the things that make life worth living…whatever they are for you.  List that shit. And be happy, because everything is amazing, friends, everything.