Last week was a week of craziness.  Drinking every night.  Rocking out with some of my favorite people in the world. Just.Getting.Down.  And to make it all better, I got to hang out with the coolest person ever.

SO….I’ve had this uber-crush [on a dude….yeah.] for about a year and a half.  It was an instant connection.  I left my trip thinking “my god. I’ve met the coolest person ever.” Because I work with the guy, I get to see him about once every few months.  And it ROCKS.

The week’o’craziness was the perfect time for making and exercising connections.  Knowing that my broseph and I were going to be hanging out all week, how could I be in a crappy mood?  I.Was.Ecstatic. As soon as we hang out- we’re instantly bros.  I won’t tell you his name…1) because he’d be piiiiiiiiiiiissed if he ever found out there was a blog about him (he don’t roll that way)… and 2) because it adds to my mystery (and, potentially, HIS mystery).  The first time I hung out with him…I’d describe it as love at first sight…but not.   I had a BROner for the guy (shout out: How I Met Your Mother).  We talked about starting a fight in the middle of a Buffalo Wild Wings and getting punched in the face for the first time with each other.  He changes the subject when people we’re hanging out with tell racist jokes and other egregious shit.  And when a dude gets drunk and starts to say inappropriate things or gets all touchy (also egregious): he throws away his need to be one of the guys and says “woah, dude…NOT COOL” and totally call them out on their shit.  Plus, he’s like the class clown and says hilarious things in the middle of meetings.   He “boomed” a pretty-high-up-in-the-company guy in front of everyone. Oh man. This guy is SO COOL.


Me: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Him: Is the force a super power?

BOOM.  I know.  I KNOW! He’s just too rockin’.   Anyway, the reason for this post (besides being used as an outlet for my ridiculous brosession) is that this is another way that I’m opening my heart.  Allowing myself to be open and super excited about my connection to another person is awesome. Here’s my deal:  an extreme connection, romantic or not, is love.  I’ve had similar (yet suuuuuch different) connections with everyone that I choose to keep in my life.  It’s love.  LOOOOOOOOOVE (you know, minus the banging, kissing and romantic shiz).  It’s so easy to love the outrageously unique connections that I have with all of the beautiful people in my life.

Love number 2:  my bromance with the coolest person in the world.  And connections.

For now, my heart is being kept open by some hilarious jokes and a week full of craziness.  ❤