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The best New Year’s resolution I ever had was to fall in love as hard and as often as possible.  It was an attempt to keep my heart from closing off after a bad break up.  I was supposed to do it for a year, but I chickened out after a few months and this ticker of mine closed right back up. 

But during that time, boi-oh-boi, did I fall in love.  I was obnoxiously positive.  Continuously love struck.  I fell in love with Denver (not hard), my friends (still not hard), and, for a night, some guy that I met in Detroit (a little harder, considering I generally love women).  And this is only a few things/peeps that struck my heart.  I was falling in love several times a day.

Since then, this little heart of mine has been less accommodating.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stone cold bitch (some would say far from it, others…well….) but I’m not falling in love daily.  As of late, my heart hasn’t been as open as it could be.  I’m always saying things like “I’m not looking for a relationship” or making jack-off motions during romantic scenes in movies (this probably will not stop)….immediately rejecting potential lovers…I’m, well friends, I’m a bit of a douche.  And while this douchiness is hard to shake, this blood-pumper of mine needs to open up a bit.

So here I go…(WATCH ME!)……my heart is open…..starting…..NOW! Get ready lovelies, I’ll be recording my openheartedness and soon-to-be spectacular love stories right here…stay tuned.